Friday, April 26

The Classroom

537 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011

12–1 PM
Unpacking Independent Publishing in South Asia, with Editions JOJO

Kaamna Patel (Editions JOJO) moderates a conversation with artist Cheryl Mukherji, curator Rahaab Allana, and editor Varun Nayyar to unpack the independent publishing landscape in and from India. Themes addressed will include representation, modes of production and circulation, and speculations on the future of photobook publishing across the South Asian region. This discussion is held on occasion of Kaghazi Pairahan: Publishing and Resistance in South Asia, currently on view at Printed Matter. Presented by Printed Matter, Inc.

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1-2 PM
Read at Your Own Pace and Place, with Further Reading

Editors Januar Rianto and Almer Mikhail will share insights into their multifaceted—and sometimes hard to define—modus operandi and highlight some of the imprint’s latest releases on graphic design, food culture, art, and creative writing. Initially conceived as an online compendium of reading references, Further Reading expanded into curatorial practice and exhibition-making before finding its footing as a publishing practice. Guided by independence and the ethos of alternativeness, along with a strong Southeast Asian identity, these facets informed their approach, methodologies, and decision-making processes. Further Reading assumes various other roles, including cultural programming, printing, distribution, and acting as a foundry, adapting to diverse forms and functions to effectively convey its intents. Presented by Further Reading.

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2-3 PM
Río de agua viva (Living Water River), with Ana Andrade and Lorena Mostajo

Ana Andrade visited the Tijuana River—a body of water between Mexico and the United States—for a number of years. Over time, she photographed the river’s dramatic transformation and the increasingly endangered livelihoods of both the people and the non-human life forms in it. In her debut photo book, Río de agua viva, Andrade frames this world as a post-apocalyptic dystopia. The artist will be joined by the publisher, Lorena Mostajo, to talk about the origins and challenges of this project in such a complex geopolitical environment as well as the stories derived from her time at the river. Presented by Taller California.

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3-4 PM
Thus Waves Come in Pairs: Thinking with the Mediterraneans, with Barbara Casavecchia and Omar Berrada

Thus Waves Come in Pairs: Thinking with the Mediterraneans begins with a conversation between the artist Simone Fattal and the late poet and artist Etel Adnan. The book builds on their exchange to collect interdisciplinary reflections on the Mediterraneans expressed through art, poetry, oceanic thinking, science, and activism. For this event, the book’s editor, Barbara Casavecchia, will be in conversation with writer, translator, and curator Omar Berrada, who contributed a series of poems to the book, to discuss the Mediterraneans’ interconnected cultures and bodies of water, and the possibilities of narrating their current transformations. Presented by Sternberg Press. 

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4-5 PM
The Book of Night

Throughout her career, artist Mary Heilmann has experimented with the book form. One of her earliest experiments is The Book of Night (1970), currently on view at Dia Beacon as part of the exhibition, Mary Heilmann: Starry Night. A bound compendium of unstretched canvases referencing astronomical constellations, this large, children’s book-like work hems painting into a three-dimensional object, blurring the boundaries between media and providing a tactile interface for interacting with the cosmos. On the occasion of this exhibition and taking The Book of Night and its 2016 facsimile published by Small Editions as a point of departure, this talk will consider the haptic and performative dimensions of artists’ books and what is lost and gained in the reproduction of such unique titles. Presented by Dia Art Foundation.

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5-6 PM
Belly of a Glacier, with Ohan Breiding

While researching and filming the ancient ice archives at the US National Ice Core Laboratory in Lakewood, Colorado, artist Ohan Breiding speculated on how natural disasters are embedded in the ice and represented in institutional memory. While the archive is full of absent-presences, Breiding envisions how the matter of ice and air/volcanic rock/ash fill in the gaps, and disclose the entangling of destruction and preservation. Breiding, along with book contributors, will discuss the artist's longstanding investment in the question of ecological care, the landscape-as-witness, and memory work as volcanoes continue to erupt and erase boundaries, offering new trans-temporal and trans-spatial imaginaries. Presented by nico fontana.

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The Stage

Curated by X-TRA.SERVICES and taking place on the rooftop of the NY Art Book Fair.

Founded in 2017 by Lydo, X-TRA.SERVICES is a label that curates a subaquatic space for extraterrestrial sound.  

Friday’s Stage program will feature a series of electrically-charged live sets, mediated acoustic elements, and  choreographed movement from artists and performers. 

2 PM
7038634357 + Drumloop

4 PM

5 PM
mouthfille (celes x josie)

6 PM

Exhibitor Projects

Three Star Books (P2) presents artists’ books and multiples by a roster of multidisciplinary artists, with new work by Raffaella della Olga, Alessandro Cicoria, and Maurizio Cattealan, plus Erica Baum’s “coupon” diptychs, Matthew Ronay’s tunnel books, and much more.

Image Ecology (P3) is a collaboration between five independent Italian publishers: Ahorn Books, Libri Finti Clandestini, Robida, Rorhof and Shibboleth. The project gathers five objects to act as gambits for an exploration of ecology in relation to artists’ book publishing. How does a book belong to the local environment? What is the role of reciprocity and circularity in a publisher’s practice? These dynamics will be proposed and developed through a series of conversations and activities during the Fair. In doing so, Image Ecology presents an example of collective design practice, while also investigating the boundaries between art, architecture, research, and environmentalism.

2–3 PM Presentation of the new book "PRDU" (Ahorn).

6–7 PM Presentation of the Robida Project.

Lilit (P1) is an ongoing project and new installation by artist Tamar Ettun, presented in collaboration with Printed Matter and Dreamsong (Minneapolis). In the 2nd to 7th centuries in Babylon, artist-healers created spells, drawings, and talismanic objects to trap demons like Lilit, an aerial spirit demon who was villainized as a dangerously sexual female entity. Revived by Ettun as an empathic demon, Lilit returns in the form of an umbilical cord along with images and text across the stairwell walls. Images of Lilit and a new text piece encapsulating her vision will accompany the installation.The launch of a new risograph print will accompany this project.

Passenger Pigeon Press and friends (P4) present Atomic Terrain: How to Make a Bomb, a geopolitical gardening project that uses a rare species of rose, the Rosa floribunda ‘Atom Bomb’ rose, to examine the structural connections between horticulture, state power, and nuclear colonialism. In this project space, visitors will be taught how to propagate new specimens of the ‘Atom Bomb’ rose through video, one-on-one tutorials, and grafting demonstration workshops. Instructional Atomic Terrain pamphlets and a range of other interconnected Passenger Pigeon Press publications will also be on display.

Werkplaats Typografie (P5) presents a new special project on the roof of the NY Art Book Fair. Do you often get the sensation that your idea of quality is defined by others? Tired of feeling like you don’t know what people are talking about? Are you worrying about the gaps in your knowledge? The Ellipsis Foundation for targeted publishing is a newly formed institution crafting custom tailored publications for you. We are not here to tell you what is good. You tell us. Pay us a visit on the roof for a free consultation.

Signings & Launches

11:30 AM

C11 The Everyday Press
Launch of Bibliographic Performance and Surrogate Readings, by Janelle Rebel. 

12 PM

I2  Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles

Launch of FUX de REBEL #2, by Kate Huh. 

A1  Printed Matter
Launch of Dictator Coins, by Toby Mott. 

C19 Seaton Street Press
Signing and launch of ULTRA Vol. 1, by Charles Hall.

1 PM 

I2  Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles

Signing of The Peter File, by Peter Cramer. 

H10 Khabar Keslan Magazine خبر كسلان مجلة
Signing of To My Dearest Reader, by Ben Mustafavi Rejali. 


Signing of Rose Marasco: At Home, by Rose Marasco. 

C19 Seaton Street Press
Signing and launch of ULTRA Vol. 1, by Charles Hall.

B22 Set Margins' publications
Signing of Design Against Design, by Kevin Yuen Kit Lo. 

2 PM

I2  Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles

Signing of Reading For Filth, by Dale Corvino.

P3 Image Ecology
Presentation of the new book "PRDU" (Ahorn).

C31 Lugemik
Signing and launch of Flow of Patterns, by Jaanus Samma. 

C19 Seaton Street Press
Signing and launch of ULTRA Vol. 1, by Charles Hall. 

B22 Set Margins' publications
Signing of What Design Can't Do, by Silvio Lorusso. 

3 PM

I2  Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles

Signing of Ribald, Radical Presence, by Sur Rodney Sur. 

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

C25 JBE Books

Signing of A Song of Flowers, by Mardonio Carballo. 

Signing and launch of BODIES ON PAPER No.3, with Lily Cummings. 

F11 Raya Editorial + La Chancleta Voladora
Signing of Esos que saben…, by  Óscar B.Castillo. 

G1 te editions / Special Special / RELATED DEPARTMENT
Signing and launch of Minnan Exit, by Wen-You Cai. 

H13 Terminal Ediciones
Launch of Vueltas por el Universo, by Roger Ycaza. 

C24 The Eriskay Connection     
Signing of The Nest, by Lynn Alleva Lilley.

B26 Trolley Books
Launch and signing of The Garden, by Siân Davey and Sorry I Gave Birth I Disappeared But Now I'm Back, by Andi Galdi Vinko.

4 PM

I2  Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles

Signing of PLOT #4, by Various Artists, LPV.  

B29 Artbook @ NYABF
Signing of Sarah Crowner: Serpentea

F12 Deadbeat Club
Signing of High & Lonesome, by Nathan Pearce. 

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

H30 Gold Rain & Fundación Gerardo Esquivel 
Launch of TSOSPF, by Gerardo Esquivel. 

C24 The Eriskay Connection    
Signing of The Nest, by Lynn Alleva Lilley.


Signing of I'll be late, by Yoshi Kametani.

E47 Volker Renner
Signing and launch of Hop on Hop off

C4 Raw Meat

Signing and launch of Museum of Modern Art in Porno - Vol. 2, by Kyle Quinn. 

E28 Same Paper
Signing and laucnh by Jack Bool.


Signing of BODYBUILDERS, by Alien. 
5 PM

C22 backbonebooks
Launch of 1-100, by Micah Lexier. 

H30 Gold Rain & Fundación Gerardo Esquivel 
Signing and launch of Ballet NU & Carro de la Reina, by Gerardo Esquivel and Oswaldo García. 

D6 Kodoji Press
Launch of CELESTINO PIATTI: DTV SONDERREIHE 1966–1979, by Pietro Mattioli. 

F2 KWY Ediciones
Launch of Hoja Dorada, by Cesar Rodriguez.

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

C36 Nightboat Books
Signing of Our Air, by Nora Treatbaby.

E34 Oranbeg Press
Launch of SKETCHY, by Kate Therrian and John M.O'Toole. 

E46 Poursuite
Launch of 1 New York Times Plaza, by Tom de Peyret. 

F11 Raya Editorial + La Chancleta Voladora
Signing of La Batea, by Stephen Ferry. 

H13 Terminal Ediciones
Launch of Photo-Memories of the Inbetween, by Kevin Quiles Bonilla. 

F24 TIS books
Signing of The Crisis Tapes, by Charlie Simokaitis.
Signing of You've loved me before, by Shane Hallinan.

Signing of Birthday, by Bridget Mullen. 

5:30 PM

F16  Case Publishing / shashasha
Signing of Roadside Lights Seasons: Winter, by Eiji Ohashi. 

6 PM

E37 Familia Editions
Signing and launch of Interior, by Juliana Cerqueira Leite. 

P3 Image Ecology
Presentation of the Robida Project.

F2 KWY Ediciones
Launch of Quiulacocha, by Marco Garro.

H3 Secret Riso Club
Launch of American Standard

B28 Spector Books
Signing of Elina Birkehag: D for Daughter.

D2 Van Doren Waxter
Signing and launch of Book of Details + Postcards, by Mariah Robertson.

At Printed Matter

231 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Kaghazi Pairahan: Publishing and Resistance in South Asia
Presented by Mumbai-based Editions JOJO, Kaghazi Pairahan—clothes made of paper—weaves captivating stories and histories of resistance from South Asia, showcasing a wide range of historical material that sheds light on struggles against oppression and the fight for liberation. From the Indian uprising of 1857 to the present day, this exhibition encapsulates the spirit of defiance and resilience in the face of colonialism and social injustice, bringing together artists' books, zines, prints, and ephemera from over fifteen contemporary artists. Kaghazi Pairahan is curated by Akshay Mahajan & Devadeep Gupta, designed by Adira Thekkuveettil & supported by Arthshila.

Top Stories
Printed Matter presents artwork, ephemera, and behind-the-scenes photos from the collection of editor Anne Turyn, offering a rare glimpse into the NYC-based prose periodical Top Stories which ran from 1978 to 1991. A full selection of the 29 issues will be on sale, featuring work by Cookie Mueller, Jenny Holzer, Pati Hill, Kathy Acker, Constance DeJong, Laurie Anderson, and many more.

The window of Printed Matter’s Chelsea store features a new installation by the Buenos Aires based magazine and NYABF exhibitor, Balam. A simulated phone booth brings together a unique selection of magazines, photo books, fanzines, and queer non-conformist photography publications. The installation takes up Latin America’s ubiquitous "papelitos de oferta sexual”—flyers found in clandestine public spaces offering sex work, often from the LGBTQIA+ community. Visitors are encouraged to take flyers from the windows. This installation is staged in tandem with the latest issue of Balam, “New Masculinites,” which explores marginalized representations of masculinity in queer culture through photography.

Offsite Programs


Comics and AI launch and talk, Out Side. Between Art and Hallucination, with author K Allado-McDowell. Presented by JBE Books.
Storm book store, 118 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

7 PM 

Launch of Un Sedicesimo 75, by Riccardo Vecchio. Presented by Corraini Edizioni. 
84 Withers St. Floor 1. Brooklyn, NY. 

7 PM

Inventory Press launch for Seeing ↔ Making: Room for Thought. RSVP here.
Triple Canopy, 264 Canal St #3W, New York, NY 10013.

On Friday evening, Triple Canopy will host Inventory Press’s launch for Seeing ↔ Making: Room for Thought (2024) at TC HQ. The book’s coauthors—scholar and theorist Susan Buck-Morss, designer Kevin McCaughey of Boot Boyz Biz, designer and publisher Adam Michaels of IN-FO.CO/Inventory Press—will discuss the intergenerational collaboration that brought the book into being.

Seeing ↔ Making: Room for Thought illuminates the space between word and image, politics and aesthetics, seeing and making. Anchored by a series of essays by Buck-Morss on visual culture, Seeing ↔ Making: Room for Thought engages with thinkers like John Berger and Walter Benjamin to consider (and playfully upend) the conventions of graphic design. The book demonstrates how ideas structure images (and vice versa), how design can function as critique, and how the language of our image-based information age can be effectively translated into print.

A reception will follow the conversation. Copies of the book, as well as limited-edition Boot Boyz Biz and Inventory Press merch, will be available for sale.


there / is / only / now and neighbor histories library
Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA), 225 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011

A bookstore activation by artist Kimi Hanauer, there / is / only / now will operate as a space for collective study, reflection, and conversation on the intimacy of insurgent registers. In collaboration with artist and publisher, Katie Giritlian, this intervention will live alongside neighbor histories, a reading library that holds space for a slow and sustained collaborative writing of histories that may share lifeways but are at risk of imperial differentiation and appropriation, or, conversely, simplistic convergence.
On view until May 1.