Saturday, April 27

The Classroom

537 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011

12–1 PM
Publishing Practices and Disparate Design: Transcending and Transforming the Book with African (Con)texts, with Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose, Kennedy Jones, Gee Wesley, and Nontsikelelo Mutiti

Artist and curator Luvuyo Equiano Nyawose, curator and cultural organizers Kennedy Jones and Gee Wesley, and artist and designer Nontsikelelo Mutiti discuss publishing as an alternative space for curatorial, editorial, and artistic discourse within the context of Black and African cultural production. This conversation explores how narrative formations from across the continent and the diaspora beckon us to think differently about publishing as it relates to translation, production, dissemination, and genre, and about how libraries and archives can create spaces of resistance, refuge, and channels for histories that center erased narratives. The conversation highlights two recent publications: eBhish' (Archive Books) and Where Is Africa (CARA). eBhish' is a multilingual and multi-genre response to Nyawose's photographic meditations on Black social life, leisure, and public communion under siege. Where Is Africa, edited by Emanuel Admassu and Anita N. Bateman, and designed by NMutiti Studio, is a set of exchanges with contemporary artists, curators, designers, and academics actively engaged in representing the continent—both within and outside its geographic boundaries. Presented by Archive Books and Center for Art, Research and Alliances (CARA).

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1-2 PM
How to Make a Bomb, with Gabriella Hirst, Warren Harper, Tammy Nguyen, and Lovely Umayam

How to Make a Bomb is a durational gardening project that examines the structural connections between horticulture, state power, and nuclear colonialism through the lens of a rare species of garden rose, Rosa floribunda ‘Atom Bomb.’ Through lectures, gardening workshops, and printed manuals created by Passenger Pigeon Press, this project propagates Atom Bomb roses and teaches others how to do the same while encouraging reflection and conversation on nuclear threats we face today. This classroom presentation will feature a conversation among artist Gabriella Hirst, curator Warren Harper, artist Tammy Nguyen, and nuclear nonproliferation expert Lovely Umayam. They will discuss the origins of this project, the effort to bring the Atom Bomb rose to the United States in collaboration with Passenger Pigeon Press and the Bombshelltoe Policy x Arts Collective, and the ways plant life can become natural stewards of painful and hopeful nuclear histories. Presented by Passenger Pigeon Press.

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2-3 PM 
The Possibility of Freedom, with Ciarán Finlayson and Rachel Himes

In Perpetual Slavery, Ciarán Finlayson considers whether we have attained a post-emancipation world through extended readings of works by Ralph Lemon and Cameron Rowland. In dialogue with these contemporary African American artists’ inventive strains of post-conceptualism, Finlayson reflects on the legacy of slavery, investigating a central contradiction of capitalist modernity: though chattel slavery has officially ended, conscripted labor and carceral statism persist. This conversation between author and art historian Rachel Himes and Finlayson will look at the possibility of freedom in the current political context and probe the historical relationship of art to capitalism. Presented by Floating Opera Press.

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3-4 PM
Under, Over, and Around: Censorship and Alternative Publishing, with Khabar Keslan and Falgoush

Publishing collectives Khabar Keslan and Falgoush will discuss the obstacles facing Arab and Iranian independent publishers and the strategies employed to evade censorship. Alternative publishing projects emerge from the margins to express the unpublishable, the unprofitable, and the prohibited while destabilizing hierarchies of dissemination. Ranging from banned books and arrests to violent military campaigns that target an entire generation of voices, censorship can take many forms and publishers utilize an array of shapeshifting tactics in response. The speakers will reflect on the historical and contemporary practices of independent publishers as they introduce three related projects. Beirut-based publisher Khabar Keslan will present To My Dearest Reader, a broadsheet publication showcasing Iranian postage stamps from the author’s family collection with a focus on the political function of postal aesthetics. Lebanese-Palestinian poet and translator Nourhane Kazak will share their latest project translating the poetry and chants of Palestinian prisoners. Falgoush—an experimental publishing and curatorial project that explores Iranian narratives of identity and belonging—will highlight their publication In Their Words, a selection of influential texts by the Fadai (literally, “self-sacrificers”), a Marxist-Leninist guerilla organization in Iran that emerged in the 1960s. Presented by Khabar Keslan Magazine.

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4-5 PM
Well Gedacht Publishing Communism Reader, with Ipek Burçak and Eren Ileri

Ipek Burçak and Eren Ileri will present and discuss the Well Gedacht Publishing Communism Reader, a new publication that looks at the history of communist initiatives in the Global South—movements and figures from the past and present through an anti-colonial lens. This risograph-printed reader includes contributions about anti-communist, counter-guerilla attempts of Western countries operating in the West and East Asia, as well as national liberation and communist movements in Palestine and Chile. The publishers will highlight the works by contributors in formats ranging from a photo-comic, interviews, to essays, mostly from diasporic standpoints. Presented by Well Gedacht Publishing.

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5-6 PM
Black Mask and King Mob, with Ben Morea and Donald Nicholson-Smith

Bookseller Arthur Fournier hosts a conversation with artist Ben Morea (Black Mask, Up Against the Wall Motherfucker) and translator Donald Nicholson-Smith (Situationist International, King Mob) concerning the exchange that took place between their respective circles during the late 1960s via private correspondence and printed publications. Morea and Nicholson-Smith will also address echoes of Black Mask/UAWMF and King Mob that continue to resonate today via direct action in public protest and the aesthetics of urgency in socially engaged graphic art. Presented by Arthur Fournier.

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On Saturday, April 27 from 12-6PM, stop by the NYABF Block Party! Throughout the day, there will be food, music, performances, workshops, activities, and more. Tickets to the Fair are $5 on Saturday, and the Block Party is free and open to the public.

The Block Party is on 22nd St, between 10th and 11th Ave, right outside the Fair.

See below for the day’s schedule + information about each participant 


We will have delicious offerings from Baba’s Olives, CMarty Jerk, Food with Fam, and Kaur Food.

Gerardo Ismael Madera & Dia Teens will create a participatory display with Dia Teens collaborators.

LORRAINE will be designing bespoke games in collaboration with visitors to their table.

As part of a larger series of workshops with teens and the public around the city, Magnum Foundation will host a Photogram postcard workshop; reproductions of Photogram postcards made by Lower East Side teens will be provided, with an invitation to the public to write a letter to their local representatives on issues of climate justice in New York. They will also be selling Tarweedeh zine pay-what-you-wish).

P.A.D. will present a soft launch of Peer Review, Vol. 2, within their traditional P.A.D.-style sidewalk exhibition.

Some Other Book(mark)s: Some Other Books invites Block Party goers to create unique artists' bookmarks from recycled cardboard and fiber. Free for all ages; materials provided. Signing: I'm A Drawing, will happen simultaneously at their table, where Zaiah Drawing will sign their new artists' book with a custom drawing on each cover.

Studio Route 29 presents a collaborative ekphrastic poetry project, creating exquisite-corpse-style group poems made up of individual lines created by observing some artwork by Studio Route 29 artists. Presented as part of the launch of a new publication of ekphrastic poems (poems about artworks) written by Citrus the Clever Monkey (a puppet dreamed up and embodied by Studio 29 artist Mick McDonough) inspired by the Studio Route 29’s current exhibition of paintings by Vinetta Miller.

The Lower East Side Girls Club will have a pinback button press for guests to create their own buttons all day long.

1-5 PM
An interactive poetic computation experience, with Melanie Hoff, Todd Anderson, & Tyler Yin, presented by School for Poetic Computation.

1:30-3 PM
VISITORS will be signed by Nick Karp; the signing will disintegrate into a performance by GCW wrestlers Effy, Allie Katch, Joey Janela, and Jimmy Lloyd, all of whom are featured in the publication.  

3-5 PM
In conjunction with their exhibition at Printed Matter, Editions JOJO presents Sofia Karim's Turbine Bagh project: an activation of protest imagery printed on samosa packets against far-right nationalism in South Asia. Visitors will be supplied with pre-printed packets to contribute their own text and drawings to, packets which will then hold take-away samosas.

3-6 PM
An artist book print workshop run by artist Maria Veronica San Martin. Presented by New Latin Wave.

The Stage

Curated by X-TRA.SERVICES and taking place on the block.

Founded in 2017 by Lydo, X-TRA.SERVICES is a label that curates a subaquatic space for extraterrestrial sound.  

The Block Party Stage will feature a sound bath, boistrous DJ sets, nu-metal jazz, and percussive performances. 

12 PM

2 PM

3 PM

4 PM
Batalá New York

5 PM


Baba’s Olives
Baba's Olives is a woman-run business with the goal of bringing Palestinian products to the world.

Bushwick Chess
New York's Hottest Chess Club

Cmarty’s Jerk
New York's Finest Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Crude Tapes
Crude Tapes is a not-for-profit record label operating out of Ridgewood, NY that forwards all profits towards causes of the artists’ choosing.  The label showcases the strange and new sounds from a community of musicians, artists, hardware enthusiasts, and mouse & keyboard warriors.

Food with Fam
Food With Fam is a community built on reciprocity and reimagining our relationship to food and one another. Our objective through our model of free produce distributions and community events is to create a fresh, holistic version of community that emphasizes connection and trust as the baseline for improving community health.

Gerardo Ismael Madera with Dia Teens
Dia Teens is an intensive program that elevates the voices, ideas, and contributions of youth at Dia, while emphasizing collective agency, critical thinking, and choice. Working with an artist collaborator, this program invites flexible thinkers to make ambitious ideas actionable.

Kaur Food
A food Pop-Up

Library of Study
Library of Study is a Central Brooklyn-based collective of Black & brown organizers committed to practices of deinstitutionalized, radical study.

LORRAINE is Anne Marie Rooney and Sam Sheffield. We are a poet and a game designer who are collaborating on games about touch, control, and intimacy.

The Lower Eastside Girls Club
The Lower Eastside Girls Club amplifies the inner power of young women and gender-expansive youth in New York City through our free, year-round innovative programs in STEM, arts, digital media and sound, wellness, civic engagement, and leadership.

Magnum Foundation
Magnum Foundation expands creativity and diversity in visual storytelling, activating new audiences and ideas through the innovative use of images. Through grant making, mentorship, and creative collaborations, we partner with socially engaged imagemakers exploring new models for storytelling.

Motoveli Motorcycle Zine
Motoveli explores the depth of design, philosophy, art, and satire—grounded in the irresistible urge we all share to ride motorcycles.

New Latin Wave
New Latin Wave is an organization dedicated to celebrating the most compelling Latine voices in the arts and sparking conversations about Latine identity and contributions. We showcase artists working outside of the mainstream, creating visibility, incubating talent, and building supportive networks for artist and audience development.

Olamina Botanicals

Handmade, bioregional herbal remedies from New York-grown and foraged botanicals.

The Other Almanac
The Other Almanac is a reimagining of The Old Farmer's Almanac. It aims to bridge the urban/rural divide in America, delving into issues of politics and culture that unite us all. We will be serving bespoke herbal tea and a range of editions from our contributors.

A traditional P.A.D.-style exhibition at Printed Matter Art Book Fair Block Party, this exhibition will feature an alumni cast of previously exhibited P.A.D. Artists: Meredith Klein in collaboration with Joanna Ross-Tash, Blakey Bessire, Marissa Delano and BFB, Alison Kuo, Williamson Brasfield, Bob Szantyr, and Kat Chamberlin's Peer Review with Priscilla Fusco.

PTP aka Protect The Peace
PTP (aka Purple Tape Pedigree aka Protect The Peace) is a NYC-based collective + label invested in the tangible, post-cloud data existence - not only in holding IRL space (i.e. shows, workshops, street level pop-up markets), but also through creating various physical media with new and archival sound work, garment design, and book publishing. Established in 2009, headed by GENG PTP with 3+ decades of participatory roots in NYC's underground music/DIY communities, PTP is a coalition of "counter-industrial purveyors of weaponized media and information." PTP stands to create space for us, the village.

The Local Chapter of Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network which focuses on supporting Palestinian prisoners and resistance.  

School for Poetic Computation
The School for Poetic Computation is an experimental school in New York City supporting interdisciplinary study in art, code, hardware and critical theory. SFPC is independently run by a small group of educators, artists, writers, and poets who think discursively about computation and its effect on social relationships.

Some Other Books
Some Other Books is a Queens-based publisher/curator of artists' books and editions.

Studio Route 29
Studio Route 29 is a supported studio for artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Frenchtown, NJ. We have an art studio, gallery, theater, public programs, and a budding publication wing.

Toy Box Coffin
Toy Box Coffin, the NYC based publisher & distributor of rare zines, international oddities, comic art books, and marginalized pubs; founded in 2021 by artist Noel Freibert. We are celebrating the release of our facsimile editions of long out-of-print works by artists CF, Leomi Sadler, and Carlos Gonzalez!


T.R.A.N. for NY
The Trans Revolutionary Action Network for New York (T.R.A.N. for NY) is a community-led mutual aid organization, created by and for Trans+ identified individuals. In 2024 the T.R.A.N for NY collective will be bringing their community library & archive to NYABF; a free resource which is accessible to any Trans+ person within the five boroughs of NYC.

VISITORS is an exceptionally rare look at the bloody and tender moments of life on the road. Featuring 200 pages of match and behind-the-scenes shots by storied wrestling photographer Nick Karp, the limited-edition hardcover book, designed by American Art Catalogues, handsomely hand-painted in blood red, showcases a group of wrestlers far from home, fulfilling a lifelong dream. Limited edition t-shirts will also be on offer.

W.A.W.O.G. + 17ESSEX
Writers Against the War on Gaza (W.AW.O.G.) is an ad hoc coalition committed to solidarity and the horizon of liberation for the Palestinian people. Drawing together writers, editors, and other culture workers, WAWOG hopes to provide education and ongoing infrastructure for cultural organizing in response to the war. This project is modeled on American Writers Against the Vietnam War, an organization founded in 1965. 17ESSEX is an anarcha-feminist / Jineology project.

Wyrm Farm
Wyrm Farm distributes vegetables and literature through the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model.

Exhibitor Projects

Three Star Books (P2) presents artists’ books and multiples by a roster of multidisciplinary artists, with new work by Raffaella della Olga, Alessandro Cicoria, and Maurizio Cattealan, plus Erica Baum’s “coupon” diptychs, Matthew Ronay’s tunnel books, and much more.

Image Ecology (P3) is a collaboration between five independent Italian publishers: Ahorn Books, Libri Finti Clandestini, Robida, Rorhof and Shibboleth. The project gathers five objects to act as gambits for an exploration of ecology in relation to artists’ book publishing. How does a book belong to the local environment? What is the role of reciprocity and circularity in a publisher’s practice? These dynamics will be proposed and developed through a series of conversations and activities during the Fair. In doing so, Image Ecology presents an example of collective design practice, while also investigating the boundaries between art, architecture, research, and environmentalism.

2–2:30 PM Presentation by Shibboleth of the zine Impounded (Birth Certificate) by David Schulz.

3–3:30 PM Presentation with Libri Finti Clandestini of the "Ruinenlust" Project.

4–4:30 PM Presentation by Shibboleth of the zine After ____ Stand These Runes by Osvald Landmark.

6–7 PM Presentation by Shibboleth of One-Thing-After-Another by Mick Finch.

Lilit (P1) is an ongoing project and new installation by artist Tamar Ettun, presented in collaboration with Printed Matter and Dreamsong (Minneapolis). In the 2nd to 7th centuries in Babylon, artist-healers created spells, drawings, and talismanic objects to trap demons like Lilit, an aerial spirit demon who was villainized as a dangerously sexual female entity. Revived by Ettun as an empathic demon, Lilit returns in the form of an umbilical cord along with images and text across the stairwell walls. Images of Lilit and a new text piece encapsulating her vision will accompany the installation.The launch of a new risograph print will accompany this project.

Passenger Pigeon Press and friends (P4) present Atomic Terrain: How to Make a Bomb, a geopolitical gardening project that uses a rare species of rose, the Rosa floribunda ‘Atom Bomb’ rose, to examine the structural connections between horticulture, state power, and nuclear colonialism. In this project space, visitors will be taught how to propagate new specimens of the ‘Atom Bomb’ rose through video, one-on-one tutorials, and grafting demonstration workshops. Instructional Atomic Terrain pamphlets and a range of other interconnected Passenger Pigeon Press publications will also be on display.

Werkplaats Typografie (P5) presents a new special project on the roof of the NY Art Book Fair. Do you often get the sensation that your idea of quality is defined by others? Tired of feeling like you don’t know what people are talking about? Are you worrying about the gaps in your knowledge? The Ellipsis Foundation for targeted publishing is a newly formed institution crafting custom tailored publications for you. We are not here to tell you what is good. You tell us. Pay us a visit on the roof for a free consultation.

Signings & Launches

11 AM

F6 Homie House Press
Signing and launch of (Not) In Service, by Uni Q Mical.

C32 Jungle Books
Signing and launch of Chom Hee Zo Mee, by Christian Hersche.

E31 michalis pichler (with Jean-Pierre Bekolo and Miss Read)

12 PM

B13 After 8 Books
Signing of Dispersed Events, by Nick Mauss.

H10 Khabar Keslan Magazine خبر كسلان مجلة
Signing of Salute to the Olives: Selected Writings by Omar Barghouthi, by translator Nourhane Kazak.

H3 Secret Riso Club

Launch of Wisdom in All Forms.

1 PM

I2 Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles
Launch of Reel to Reel-(For Jonas Mekas), by Chihiro Ito. 

C20 For the Birds Trapped in Airports
Signing of K/N/E/U/N, by Jonathan Pivovar.

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

H26 Handshake
Launch of A Guide on Gardening, by Rubén Montesinos.

A10 MACK / SPBH Editions
Signing with Stephen Shore.

C36 Nightboat Books
Signing of Laura’s Desires, by Laura Henriksen.

D8 Perimeter Editions
Signing and launch of A community of parts, by Kate Tucker.

F25 TBW Books
Signing of There Is No Light at the End of the Tunnel Because the Tunnel Is Made of Light, by Ryan Spencer.

1:30 PM

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

A10 MACK / SPBH Editions

Signing with Teju Cole.

1:45 PM

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

F25 TBW Books

Signing of Sex. Death. Transcendence., by Linda Troeller.

2 PM

I2 Allied Productions/Le Petit Versailles
Signing of WE LEFT THEM NOTHING,  by Demian DinéYazhi'

C59 Bywater Bros. Editions
Launch of Skorched, by Connor Dobbin.

Book and T-Shirt Signing with Marc Hundley.

B17 Dancing Foxes Press
Signing of Negative Space, by A.K. Burns.

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

C20  For the Birds Trapped in Airports

E21 GOST Books
Signing of The Group for Mutual Improvement, by Jordan Baumgarten.

P3 Image Ecology
Presentation by Shibboleth of the zine Impounded (Birth Certificate) by David Schulz.

F29 Loose Joints
Signing of Dream About Nothing, by Bobby Doherty.

C31 Lugemik
Signing and launch of Crystal Grid, by Paul Kuimet.

A10  MACK / SPBH Editions
Signing with Vince Aletti.

E31 michalis pichler and Annette Gilbert
Launch of COUP DE DÉS (COLLECTION) and Un coup de dés jamais n’abolira le hasard (SCULPTURE).

E34 Oranbeg Press
Launch of Inkjet Woes.

D8 Perimeter Editions
Signing and launch of False Gestalt, by Jeff Gibson.

F11 Raya Editorial + La Chancleta Voladora
Signing of Morning Song, by Sarah Pabst.

B22 Set Margins' Publications
Signing of Provocations on Media Architecture, by editor Ian Callender. 

2:30 PM

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

F9 Image Text Ithaca Press

Signing of Book title: Dim, Dahlia, Violet, Stone, by Simone Kearney.

A10 MACK / SPBH Editions
Signing with Justine Kurland.

F25 TBW Books
Signing of Juggling Is Easy, by Peggy Nolan.

Signing of Levee, by Adrianna Ault.

3 PM

B13 After 8 Books
Signing of saké blue, by Estelle Hoy. 

I2 Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles
Launch of The Othered: Decolonial Poetry Vol. II, by Decolonize Bi-POC Poetry Collective.

F15 Area Books
Signing and launch of Plastic Pulse, by Ezra Miller. 

D13 Conveyor Editions
Signing and launch of A Tree Grows in Queens, by Magali Duzant. 

F12 Deadbeat Club 
Signing of Not No, by Chad Moore. 

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

E21  GOST Books
Signing of Tuck and Roll, by J Houston. 

F6 Homie House Press
Autistic Joy, KNOX ROXS, A Retrospective, by Jennifer White Johnson. 

P3 Image Ecology
Presentation with Libri Finti Clandestini of the "Ruinenlust" Project.

C25 JBE Books
Signing of Out Side, by K Allado-McDowell.

D6 Kodoji Press
Launch of SPACE CAN…, by Augustas Serapinas. 

F29 Loose Joints
Signing of Hardtack, by Rahim Fortune. 

A10 MACK / SPBH Editions
Signing with Jason Fulford. 

E48 Max Pinckers
Signing and launch of State of Emergency, by Max Pinckers et al. 

D8 Perimeter Editions
Signing and launch of Refuge, by Lenard Smith. 

E46 Poursuite
Signing of Far East, by Géraldine Lay. 

Launch of NGUYỄN THỊ 4EVA, by Keith Khanh Truong and Quin Quynh Luong. 

E28 Same Paper
Signing of A Mouse in Her House, by Lina Sun Park. 

C19 Seaton Street Press
Signing and launch of Fleeting Under Light, by Diana Guerra.

Signing of The Anemone, the Clownfish and Dr. Song, by Song He, Nico Krebs, Lina Müller & Luca Schenardi. 

Signing with Mark Cohen. 

F24 TIS books
Signing of Mi'raj, by J Carrier with Abdulrahman Naanseh.

F22  The Ice Plant
Launch of Little, by Tim Carpenter. 

D2 Van Doren Waxter
Signing of Book of Details, By Mariah Robertson.

E47 Volker Renner 
Signing and launch of No Hit Wonder.

3:15 PM

F25 TBW Books
Signing of Tender, by Carla Williams. 

3:30 PM
A10 MACK / SPBH Editions
Signing with Catherine Taylor and Nicholas Muellner. 

4 PM
I2  Allied Productions/ Le Petit Versailles
Signing of PLOT #4, by Various Artists, LPV. 

F8 Chose Commune
Signing and launch of Relative Moments, by Deanna Dikeman. 

E12 Colorama
Launch and Signing of Who's Afraid of a Florida Woman, by Molly Colleen O' Connell.

B6 DelMonico Books
Signing and launch of Christine Sun Kim: Oh Me Oh My, by Christina Sun Kim (ASL interpretation available). 

C6 Edition Taube
Signing of CRASH, by Michael Radford. 

P3 Image Ecology
Presentation by Shibboleth of the zine After ____ Stand These Runes by Osvald Landmark.

F29 Loose Joints
Signing of Broken Spectre, by Richard Mosse. 

F20 Los Sumergidos
Signing of PASACO, 1996, by Luis Corso. 

A10 MACK / SPBH Editions
Charlie Engman and Joseph Desler Costa Book Signing. 

D8 Perimeter Editions
Signing and launch of Windows, by Patrick Pound. 

F11 Raya Editorial + La Chancleta Voladora
Signing The Melancholic Vampire Society, by Santiago Sifontes.

H3 Secret Riso Club
Signing and launch of Lagniappe, by Arlander Taylor IV. 

Signing of Woman Wearing Ring Shields Far From Face, by Odette England.

Signing of OUT OF THE GRID. Italian zine 1978–2006, by Dafne Boggeri. 

F25 TBW Books
Signing of My Mother, My Son., by Mary Frey. 

H13 Terminal Ediciones
Launch of Life is Tough…but so are you, by Itzel Alejandra.

E47 Volker Renner
Signing and launch of Bildsammler

4:30 PM

A10 MACK / SPBH Editions
Signing with RaMell Ross.

4:45 PM

F25 TBW Books
Signing of Dead Ringer, by Yael Eban & Matthew Gamber. 

5 PM
F12 Deadbeat Club
Signing of Resurfacing & Entangled, by Maude Arsenault.

C6 Edition Taube
Signing and launch of Dream State Code of Conduct, by Irena Haiduk.

Signing of ÁNGEL MIGUEL, by Isabel Moreno Cortez.

F20 Los Sumergidos

Signing of EL GOBIERNO TE ODIA, by Christopher Gregory-Rivera. 

E31 michalis pichler and Paul Stephens
Launch of Convolution 5-7 (2020), Convolution 8 (2024), and Letterpress Thingamajig, by Robert Grenier. 


Signing and launch of PLATES #1: Manifesto vs Manifest, by RELATED DEPARTMENT & Gabriel Melcher. 

F11 Raya Editorial + La Chancleta Voladora
Signing A machete pelao, O-de la colección AñZ, by Juan Orrantia.

Signing of I made them run away, by Martina Zanin.

H13 Terminal Ediciones
Launch of BOTICA, by Yuliana Ortiz Ruano. 

5:30 PM
F25 TBW Books
Signing of Untitled Men, by Carolyn Drake.

6 PM
P3 Image Ecology
Presentation by Shibboleth of One-Thing-After-Another by Mick Finch.

At Printed Matter

231 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Kaghazi Pairahan: Publishing and Resistance in South Asia
Presented by Mumbai-based Editions JOJO, Kaghazi Pairahan—clothes made of paper—weaves captivating stories and histories of resistance from South Asia, showcasing a wide range of historical material that sheds light on struggles against oppression and the fight for liberation. From the Indian uprising of 1857 to the present day, this exhibition encapsulates the spirit of defiance and resilience in the face of colonialism and social injustice, bringing together artists' books, zines, prints, and ephemera from over fifteen contemporary artists. Kaghazi Pairahan is curated by Akshay Mahajan & Devadeep Gupta, designed by Adira Thekkuveettil & supported by Arthshila.

Top Stories
Printed Matter presents artwork, ephemera, and behind-the-scenes photos from the collection of editor Anne Turyn, offering a rare glimpse into the NYC-based prose periodical Top Stories which ran from 1978 to 1991. A full selection of the 29 issues will be on sale, featuring work by Cookie Mueller, Jenny Holzer, Pati Hill, Kathy Acker, Constance DeJong, Laurie Anderson, and many more.

The window of Printed Matter’s Chelsea store features a new installation by the Buenos Aires based magazine and NYABF exhibitor, Balam. A simulated phone booth brings together a unique selection of magazines, photo books, fanzines, and queer non-conformist photography publications. The installation takes up Latin America’s ubiquitous "papelitos de oferta sexual”—flyers found in clandestine public spaces offering sex work, often from the LGBTQIA+ community. Visitors are encouraged to take flyers from the windows. This installation is staged in tandem with the latest issue of Balam, “New Masculinites,” which explores marginalized representations of masculinity in queer culture through photography.

Offsite Programs

10 AM–2 PM

NYABF Book Trailers Screening
Hauser & Wirth, 443 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

The NY Art Book Fair presents a special screening of exhibitor book trailers, hosted in the theater at Hauser & Wirth. Stop by 18th St. to watch the videos, which are an amalgam of processes, punchlines, and poetry–each trailer becoming a micro-work of its own as they gesture towards publishing identities and individual works. 

12 PM

Poetry Reading: Cecilia Vicuña & Jena Osman. RSVP here.
Hauser & Wirth, 443 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011
Please join Hauser & Wirth Publishers in collaboration with Printed Matter and Book Works for a special reading of poems by Cecilia Vicuña and Jena Osman, on the occasion of the NY Art Book Fair and the release of the new, expanded facsimile edition of Vicuña’s ‘Saborami’ from Book Works.

Cecilia Vicuña created ‘Saborami’ in the aftermath of the September 1973 military coup in Chile. Combining poetry, journal entries and documentation of artworks, the book was published in Devon, England in a limited edition of hand-made copies by the artist-led Beau Geste Press. Though the book is highly regarded, it has also been hard to access.

This new and expanded facsimile edition restates ‘Saborami’ as a central example of artistic engagement in material and revolutionary resistance.

2–3 PM

Book Launch with Elina Birkehag, with Spector Books. 
D For Daughter at 58 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016. 

3 PM

Submerged histories of Asian American abstraction | Launch of Leo Amino: The Visible and the Invisible, with Radius Books Miles McEnery Gallery, 525 W 22nd St

This event celebrates the launch of Leo Amino: The Visible and the Invisible, published by Radius Books and the Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center (2024). This new book is the artist's first monograph and an expansive dive into his career and influence, introducing a vital revision of both the canon of 20th-century avant-garde sculpture and the history of Asian American art.

The program will include a panel discussion and Q&A with Genji Amino, Anni Pullagura, Dawn Chan, Jacob Hashimoto, and Neferti X. M. Tadiar, with an introduction from Phong Bui.

More info here.

4–6 PM

Ursula Issue 10 Launch
Hauser & Wirth, 443 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

Hauser & Wirth Publishers will be celebrating the release of Ursula Magazine Issue 10, featuring artists Mark Bradford, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Zeng Fanzhi, Pierre Huyghe, Josh Kline, Verena Loewensberg, Anna Maria Maiolino, Mika Rottenberg, and Wu Tsang, as well as playwright Will Arbery and poets Richard Hell and Fred Moten. Each copy of the magazine includes an exclusive, limited-release seven-inch vinyl record, featuring two previously unreleased compositions from Caroline Shaw and Andrew Yee’s film score from Wu Tsang’s ‘Moby Dick; or, The Whale.’ 

The launch will include a live playing of the vinyl record with a reading from Herman Melville’s ‘Moby Dick; or, The Whale,’ followed by drinks and a vinyl jazz set celebrating Verena Loewensberg. 

7 PM–12 AM

Flee Project DJ sets. RSVP here.
Lobby of the Ace Hotel, Brooklyn, 252 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

As part of Printed Matter’s off-site programming series, Ace Hotel Brooklyn welcomes NYABF Exhibitor and Paris based Flee Project for a one-night musical experience, with a special set by guest Paradise of Replica.

7:30–9:30 PM 

NYABF Celebration at ISLAA with Maria Chávez. RSVP here.
Institute for Studies on Latin American Art (ISLAA), 142 Franklin Street, New York, NY 10013

In celebration of the NY Art Book Fair, ISLAA will present a special performance by Peruvian abstract turntablist and sound artist Maria Chávez responding to our current exhibition Threads to the South.