Sunday, April 28

The Classroom

537 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011

12–1 PM
Judith Arcana and the Janes: Reproductive Health Activism in the Last 50 Years

On January 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade was decided and abortion was legalized in the United States. Before Roe, options for safe and affordable abortions were extremely limited—underground abortions were often expensive, dangerous, and operated by crime syndicates. One of the rare alternatives was the Abortion Counseling Service of the Chicago Women's Liberation Union, known colloquially as the Janes. Run by women, the service offered abortions for anyone who needed them, at whatever price they could afford. This conversation will draw the necessary parallels between the Janes' work in the late 1960s/early 1970s and organizers in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision revoking abortion rights in 2022. The conversation celebrates the release of a publication reproducing photos, documents, arrest records, manuscripts, and ephemera from the Judith Arcana Archive. Presented by Fugitive Materials.

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1–2 PM
Hello We Were Talking About Hudson, with Darinka Novitovic Chase, Jimi Dams, Nancy Shaver, and David Shaw, moderated by Jordan Stein

Legendary art dealer Hudson operated Feature Inc. for 30 years on his own terms and ahead of his time, first in Chicago (1984-88) and then in New York City (1988-2014). This event focuses on his legacy and celebrates the release of Hello We Were Talking About Hudson, a new book edited by Steve Lafreniere which explores the striking and varied impact Hudson had on those around him. Moderated by curator and writer Jordan Stein, the conversation brings together artists who worked with Hudson to remember him. Presented by Soberscove.

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2-3 PM
How High the Moon, with Stanley Whitney and Cathleen Chaffee

This conversation brings together painter, Stanley Whitney, and curator, Cathleen Chaffee, to discuss and launch Whitney's major monograph, Stanley Whitney: How High the Moon, which is published in conjunction with the traveling retrospective of Whitney’s work organized by the Buffalo AKG Art Museum. They will discuss the breadth of Whitney’s practice from the early 1970s through today and talk about the artist’s work in relation to his artistic community as well as his influences—from the history of art and architecture to quilting, textiles, and jazz. The artist will explore his vibrant, abstract paintings, works on paper, and sketchbooks, shedding new light on his practice—what drawing means to him, how color can be transformative—as well as reflect on his prolific fifty-year career. Presented by DelMonico Books.

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3–4 PM
Dance History(s): Imagination as a Form of Study, with Annie-B Parson, Thomas F. DeFrantz, Bebe Miller, Ogemdi Ude, and Alice Chung

To deepen our understanding of what dance is and how it has functioned throughout human history, Parson and DeFrantz have created a prismatic book project dedicated to an artist-centric perception of dance history. The program animates this new set of twelve booklets that complicate dance history and point to potential futures through the subjective, poetic perspectives of working choreographers mayfield brooks, Thomas F. DeFrantz, maura nguyễn donohue, Keith Hennessy, Bebe Miller, Okwui Okpokwasili, Eiko Otake, Annie-B Parson, Javier Stell-Frésquez, Ogemdi Ude, Mariana Valencia, and Andros Zins-Browne. A scored book dance performed in 60-second reiterative loops by DeFrantz and Parson accompanies readings by Bebe Miller and Ogemdi Ude and notes on the book design by Alice Chung of Omnivore Inc. Presented by Dancing Foxes Press.

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4–5 PM
Flowering Wound: A Photo-Jay Session, with Martha Naranjo Sandoval

Flowering Wound is a new riso-printed photobook by artist Martha Naranjo Sandoval. In this live photo essay, Martha shares a curated selection of images, accompanied by her insightful reflections. "My dad took a lot of pictures of me when I was a kid. That’s when I learned taking pictures could be a love language. When I moved to the US in 2014, I was alone, fully aware that I would have to photograph myself if I wanted to have any sort of family album. I brought with me a 35mm camera and began photographing my life. I have taken over 460 rolls since then. Most of the pictures were taken in either Mexico or the United States. I do not plan any of them in advance; instead, I take my camera around with me and take impromptu photographs. These pictures are also my family album. The modes of photography range from candid to performative." - Martha Naranjo Sandoval. Presented by Calipso Press.

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The Stage

Curated by X-TRA.SERVICES and taking place on the rooftop of the NY Art Book Fair.

Founded in 2017 by Lydo, X-TRA.SERVICES is a label that curates a subaquatic space for extraterrestrial sound.  

Sunday’s Stage program will foreground ambient, experimental performances + spoken word against the backdrop of the Hudson River skyline.   

11 AM

12 PM
Destiny Be

2 PM
Hiro Kone

Exhibitor Projects

Three Star Books (P2) presents artists’ books and multiples by a roster of multidisciplinary artists, with new work by Raffaella della Olga, Alessandro Cicoria, and Maurizio Cattealan, plus Erica Baum’s “coupon” diptychs, Matthew Ronay’s tunnel books, and much more.

Image Ecology (P3) is a collaboration between five independent Italian publishers: Ahorn Books, Libri Finti Clandestini, Robida, Rorhof and Shibboleth. The project gathers five objects to act as gambits for an exploration of ecology in relation to artists’ book publishing. How does a book belong to the local environment? What is the role of reciprocity and circularity in a publisher’s practice? These dynamics will be proposed and developed through a series of conversations and activities during the Fair. In doing so, Image Ecology presents an example of collective design practice, while also investigating the boundaries between art, architecture, research, and environmentalism.

12–1 PM Workshop with David Schulz on asemic writing. Presented by Shibboleth.

2–3 PM Video projection “The Expanded Sense” by Ann Carolin Renninger, with Ahorn.

4–5 PM Video projection One-Thing-After-Another by Mick Finch. Presented by Shibboleth.

Lilit (P1) is an ongoing project and new installation by artist Tamar Ettun, presented in collaboration with Printed Matter and Dreamsong (Minneapolis). In the 2nd to 7th centuries in Babylon, artist-healers created spells, drawings, and talismanic objects to trap demons like Lilit, an aerial spirit demon who was villainized as a dangerously sexual female entity. Revived by Ettun as an empathic demon, Lilit returns in the form of an umbilical cord along with images and text across the stairwell walls. Images of Lilit and a new text piece encapsulating her vision will accompany the installation.The launch of a new risograph print will accompany this project.

Passenger Pigeon Press and friends (P4) present Atomic Terrain: How to Make a Bomb, a geopolitical gardening project that uses a rare species of rose, the Rosa floribunda ‘Atom Bomb’ rose, to examine the structural connections between horticulture, state power, and nuclear colonialism. In this project space, visitors will be taught how to propagate new specimens of the ‘Atom Bomb’ rose through video, one-on-one tutorials, and grafting demonstration workshops. Instructional Atomic Terrain pamphlets and a range of other interconnected Passenger Pigeon Press publications will also be on display.

Werkplaats Typografie (P5) presents a new special project on the roof of the NY Art Book Fair. Do you often get the sensation that your idea of quality is defined by others? Tired of feeling like you don’t know what people are talking about? Are you worrying about the gaps in your knowledge? The Ellipsis Foundation for targeted publishing is a newly formed institution crafting custom tailored publications for you. We are not here to tell you what is good. You tell us. Pay us a visit on the roof for a free consultation.

Signings & Launches

12 PM

I2 Allied Productions/Le Petit Versailles
Signing of PLOT #4, by Various Artists, LPV. 

P3 Image Ecology
Workshop with David Schulz on asemic writing. Presented by Shibboleth.

F2 KWY Ediciones
Signing of Las pertenencias del aire, by Musuk Nolte.

H3 Secret Riso Club
Launch of Parque de las Botellas, by Michelle Hernandez Vega. 

1 PM

I2 Allied Productions/Le Petit Versailles
Signing of Ribald, Radical Presence, by Sur Rodney Sur. 

D10 Roma Publications
Signing of Publication Beware, by Ari Marcopoulos. 

2 PM

I2 Allied Productions/Le Petit Versailles
Launch of Uranus Comic, by Carlo Quispe. 

Signing of Body Work, by Michael Mahalchick. 

F12 Deadbeat Club
Signing of The Lizard, by Gabriele Rossi. 

P3 Image Ecology
Video projection “The Expanded Sense” by Ann Carolin Renninger, with Ahorn.

D6 Kodoji Press

C31 Lugemik & Estonian Museum of Architecture 
Signing and launch of Forecast and Fantasy. Architecture without Borders, 1960s to 1980s, by Andres Kurg and Mari Laanemets. 

A4 Nino Mier Gallery
Signing and launch of Keramik, by Roger Herman.

Signing and launch of Lost Dog Again?!, by RELATED DEPARTMENT & Fever Dog. 

C26 Pre-Echo Press
Signing of INPUT, by Matt Wolf. 

F11 Raya Editorial + La Chancleta Voladora
Signing of Verde, by Federico Rios Escobar. 

C19 Seaton Street Press
Launch of La vie is like that, by Magali Duzant. 

3 PM

I2 Allied Productions/Le Petit Versailles 
Signing of I liked Leather Boys, Signs, by Ethan Shoshan. 

D13 Conveyor Editions
Signing and launch of Errata Vol. 1: Field Recordings, by Bryan Graf. 

F12 Deadbeat Club
Signing of Stand Still, by Ward Long. 

F2 KWY Ediciones
Signing of Orinoco, frontera de agua, by Juanita Escobar. 

C19 Seaton Street Press
Launch of La vie is like that, by Magali Duzant.

D2 Van Doren Waxter
Signing of Book of Details, By Mariah Robertson. 

3:30 PM

B6 DelMonico Books
Signing and launch of Stanley Whitney: How High the Moon, by Stanley Whitney.

4 PM

Signing of TAGADA', by Paolo Zerbini.

P3 Image Ecology
Video projection One-Thing-After-Another by Mick Finch. Presented by Shibboleth.

At Printed Matter

231 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Kaghazi Pairahan: Publishing and Resistance in South Asia
Presented by Mumbai-based Editions JOJO, Kaghazi Pairahan—clothes made of paper—weaves captivating stories and histories of resistance from South Asia, showcasing a wide range of historical material that sheds light on struggles against oppression and the fight for liberation. From the Indian uprising of 1857 to the present day, this exhibition encapsulates the spirit of defiance and resilience in the face of colonialism and social injustice, bringing together artists' books, zines, prints, and ephemera from over fifteen contemporary artists. Kaghazi Pairahan is curated by Akshay Mahajan & Devadeep Gupta, designed by Adira Thekkuveettil & supported by Arthshila.

Top Stories
Printed Matter presents artwork, ephemera, and behind-the-scenes photos from the collection of editor Anne Turyn, offering a rare glimpse into the NYC-based prose periodical Top Stories which ran from 1978 to 1991. A full selection of the 29 issues will be on sale, featuring work by Cookie Mueller, Jenny Holzer, Pati Hill, Kathy Acker, Constance DeJong, Laurie Anderson, and many more.

The window of Printed Matter’s Chelsea store features a new installation by the Buenos Aires based magazine and NYABF exhibitor, Balam. A simulated phone booth brings together a unique selection of magazines, photo books, fanzines, and queer non-conformist photography publications. The installation takes up Latin America’s ubiquitous "papelitos de oferta sexual”—flyers found in clandestine public spaces offering sex work, often from the LGBTQIA+ community. Visitors are encouraged to take flyers from the windows. This installation is staged in tandem with the latest issue of Balam, “New Masculinites,” which explores marginalized representations of masculinity in queer culture through photography.

Offsite Programs


ENCOUNTERS: a day of experimental performance and film
Hauser & Wirth, Hauser & Wirth, 443 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

Hauser & Wirth Publishers, MACK, and SPBH Editions are pleased to present, ‘ENCOUNTERS,’ a day of experimental performance and film. 

A selection of artists curated by MACK and SPBH Editions will participate in a series of twenty-minute performances from 12–5PM. These will follow a variety of formats from soundscapes to performance, correlating with each artist’s respective practice. Following each presentation there will be a book signing onsite in the gallery's Roth Bar. In tandem with the performance series, we will have multiple screenings of rare films. 

Performances by Vince Aletti, Teju Cole, Charlie Engman, Jason Fulford, Justine Kurland, Nicholas Muellner, RaMell Ross, Keisha Scarville, Stephen Shore, Catherine Taylor, and Carmen Winant. Films by Richard Billingham, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Donald Judd, Joseph Desler Costa, and a series of queer shorts curated by Sam Ashby.