Thursday, April 25

Exhibitor Projects

Three Star Books (P2) presents artists’ books and multiples by a roster of multidisciplinary artists, with new work by Raffaella della Olga, Alessandro Cicoria, and Maurizio Cattealan, plus Erica Baum’s “coupon” diptychs, Matthew Ronay’s tunnel books, and much more.

Image Ecology (P3) is a collaboration between five independent Italian publishers: Ahorn Books, Libri Finti Clandestini, Robida, Rorhof and Shibboleth. The project gathers five objects to act as gambits for an exploration of ecology in relation to artists’ book publishing. How does a book belong to the local environment? What is the role of reciprocity and circularity in a publisher’s practice? These dynamics will be proposed and developed through a series of conversations and activities during the Fair. In doing so, Image Ecology presents an example of collective design practice, while also investigating the boundaries between art, architecture, research, and environmentalism.

Lilit (P1) is an ongoing project and new installation by artist Tamar Ettun, presented in collaboration with Printed Matter and Dreamsong (Minneapolis). In the 2nd to 7th centuries in Babylon, artist-healers created spells, drawings, and talismanic objects to trap demons like Lilit, an aerial spirit demon who was villainized as a dangerously sexual female entity. Revived by Ettun as an empathic demon, Lilit returns in the form of an umbilical cord along with images and text across the stairwell walls. Images of Lilit and a new text piece encapsulating her vision will accompany the installation.The launch of a new risograph print will accompany this project.

Passenger Pigeon Press and friends (P4) present Atomic Terrain: How to Make a Bomb, a geopolitical gardening project that uses a rare species of rose, the Rosa floribunda ‘Atom Bomb’ rose, to examine the structural connections between horticulture, state power, and nuclear colonialism. In this project space, visitors will be taught how to propagate new specimens of the ‘Atom Bomb’ rose through video, one-on-one tutorials, and grafting demonstration workshops. Instructional Atomic Terrain pamphlets and a range of other interconnected Passenger Pigeon Press publications will also be on display.

Werkplaats Typografie (P5) presents a new special project on the roof of the NY Art Book Fair. Do you often get the sensation that your idea of quality is defined by others? Tired of feeling like you don’t know what people are talking about? Are you worrying about the gaps in your knowledge? The Ellipsis Foundation for targeted publishing is a newly formed institution crafting custom tailored publications for you. We are not here to tell you what is good. You tell us. Pay us a visit on the roof for a free consultation.